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Why Webomates CQ


Execution Guarantee

We pledge that for a build with release notes all committed test cases on all Browser/OS will be executed in the committed time period.

This will remain true regardless of:

  • Software builds that modify features
  • Defect fixes that modify test cases/scripts
  • Automation timeout errors

With this pledge Webomates radically reduces the number of false positive and false negatives that plague traditional test case execution and distract QA and development teams.


Triaged Defects

Developers are able to move swiftly towards resolution with a triaged list of defects

Every test case failure in the multi-platform check and exploratory testing undergoes a process of verification, triage, prioritization and documentation. Typically the documentation for every reproducible defect is supported by a video demonstrating the exact sequence of steps for replication. Developers do not lose time replicating the defect and can focus on the resolution.

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Execution Overlap

Overlapping Full regression with Overnight & Smoke yields a higher level of quality.

Webomates supports three forms of test case execution. Full Regression is the core of the Webomates CQ methodology. This core is complemented by Overnight Targeted Checks and Smoke Checks. The Webomates CQ methodology differentiates itself from its competitors by running overlapping execution cycles instead of running the three services in isolation. This yields a higher level of quality than when each capability is run in isolation.
For example: Running a Full Regression on a weekly basis along with a daily Overnight Targeted Check in areas(modules) that are under development has a two-pronged advantage: the OTC allows for a quick check overnight for issues while a Full regression catches any overall breakage prior to pushing the build into production.


Exploratory Testing

The aggressive "break the build" technique complements the execution overlap

In addition to every Full Regression we commit a certain number of hours (depending on the plan chosen) to exploratory testing. This means that is a trained QA professional works ing to break the software build. Coupled with a multi-platform check, this is a very comprehensive validation of the quality of the software build.


Portal Access

Webomates CQ provides a consolidated view of the regressions executed through its unique portal.

Customers have easy access to information logs, results, reports and trends related to the execution and audit of test cases. They can review defect information and synchronization through one cohesive entity which has an integrated test case management system, multiple test case execution systems (like software automation, crowdsourcing, manual and artificial intelligence) and a defect management system


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