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Domain knowledge is necessary. However, how much domain knowledge is needed is far lower than technology professionals believe today, primarily as it depends on what your goal is.  At Webomates, we have successfully ramped up in completely different domains with a few hours of involvement from our clients. to clarify

What is software testing? Software testing is a procedure, in which every one of the stages like test planning, test development, test execution, result investigation, tracking of bug and reporting are accomplished effectively. Validation and verification of Software is software testing in software engineering. Testing is a critical segment in the software

Webomates’ CQ is composed of three different services: A full regression using both Exploratory and Test-case based testing Overnight - which is a guaranteed execution based solely on a test case Smoke tests that are pure automation executions Full Regression The full regression is a very thorough execution and always increases the envelope of quality.

Software testing is an imperative step in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that guarantees customer satisfaction - the only premeditated way in test automation where an application can be observed under certain conditions. The testers then try to identify the threshold levels plus the risks involved in the code

Webomates has been granted a US Patent for their Testing as a Service (TAAS) platform.   UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 07, 2018 - Webomates, the Testing as a Service or SaaS-based testing platform company that boosts quality before software is put into production, has been granted a US patent. Webomates has been granted US patent

Regression testing is like going to the gym. You know that you should do it and you realise it’s critical for your health. Yet most of us don’t end up following an exercise regime. Many of us on New Year’s Day buy gym memberships. Others (like me!) get exercise equipment

Webomates CQ was created from the bottom-up as a SaaS based service that focused on feature testing and regression testing. Customers provide access to their latest software build, and get audited test case execution, exploratory testing and triaged defects within 24 hours. QA IT service companies usually provide QA resources (onshore or

The first thing that comes to mind after hearing about ‘exploratory’ testing is ‘ad-hoc’ testing. But there’s a difference between the two. Exploratory testing is a ‘thoughtful approach’ of testing that involves simultaneous learning, test schematizing, and test execution, unlike ad-hoc testing, which involves wandering through an application looking for

So which one is better? Easy answer. You need to do both types of testing. No this is not a case of just doing more is better!! Exploratory testing and test-case based testing take different and complementary approaches for testing a product. Let’s start with basic definitions.   Test case-based testing In this

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new method for carrying out regression testing. Let's start by defining what crowdsourcing is: Crowdsourcing is the practice of getting a task or project executed by enlisting the services of a large number of people via the Internet. There are several systems on the market such as Amazon’s Mechanical

In the software testing arena a perennial debate has raged between proponents of manual and automation testing. In our experience, the two are complementary; used together they form a more effective test strategy.   Manual testing Since pretty much the start of software development in the 1960’s manual testing has been carried out