Software creators consider Webomates CQ a business insurance

Measures Efficacy

Measures Efficacy

Webomates CQ enables software creators to reliably and quantitatively measure the efficacy of a build before production

Improves Visibility

Improves Visibility

Webomates CQ improves the visibility of defects in a build and empowers developers to improve production quality

Enhances Speed

Enhances Speed

Webomates CQ enhances the speed of delivery and the deployment of new features, enhancements and fixes

How Webomates CQ Works

The CQ Story Slides
The story of Webomates CQ and how it turned the situation around...
The CQ Story Slide 1
1. The developer initiated a full regression on the Webomates CQ Portal
The CQ Story Slide 2
2. The rest of the evening was spent watching a movie with friends
The CQ Story Slide 3
3. The triaged report, with all defects prioritized, was ready in 24 hours
The CQ Story Slide 4
4. The new clarity allowed the team to prioritize on the most critical defects
The CQ Story Slide 5
5. Webomates CQ saved the day and the release went into production as planned

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